n, vb
(to perform) a sexual activity (often while standing up) in which the partners simulate intercourse while they (or at least their genitals) are fully clothed. The term usually describes the behav-iour of consenting heterosexuals rather than 'perversions' such as frottage (where the activity is performed on an unwilling victim, as for instance in a crowded lift or train), tribadism (between lesbian partners) or frictation (between male homosexual partners). Dry root is an expression peculiar to Australian speakers.
► 'You can't dry hump good in the car. Un-less you're a midget.' (High-school student, IT magazine, June 1972)
► '...for £20 a head the "cuddle party" is bringing together lost souls...there are strict rules: no alcohol, no nudity and em-phatically no "dry humping".' (Sunday Times, 25 July 2004)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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